Intimate Waxing

There are many different styles in terms of Intimate Waxing. Sometimes it’s known as Bikini Waxing.  It is one of those things that you either have done or would like to have done but don’t know enough about it to want to ask. Let me make things simple:

When it comes to waxing your lady garden, there are only five main styles, types, designs, options – call them what you will. We have made a diagrame below for you to have a clear idea about intimate waxing treatment at WPR Beauty.


1. Au Natural (Bikini Wax)
Hair is removed from outside the bikini line.

2. Extended Bikini Line
Hair is removed from outside the biniki line and a finger width in.

3. Brazilian
This is where a vertical strip is left. With the brazilian no hair is removed from the labia, it’s just taken from below the abdomen; leaving a ‘landing strip’ two to three fingers in width.

4. Playboy
Hair is removed from underneath, labia and sides leaving a trangular shape, no hair is removed from the buttock or peri-anal area.

5. Hollywood
All hair is removed from everywhere including the labia, buttock or peri-anal area.


Intimate Waxing Treatments At WPR Beauty

All Natural (Bikini Line Waxing) – 15mins, £10.00
Extended Bikini Line – 15mins, £17.00
Brazilian – 30mins, £27.00
Playboy – 30mins, £40.00
Hollywood – 30mins, £55.00


IPL Hair Removal – Intimate Area

Why not opt for a more permanent approach? IPL Laser Hair Removal is quick and effective and has become one of the most popular methods to remove unwanted hair. We offer FREE Consultation and Initial Patch Test!

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