Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

At WPR, we specialised in the most innovative and cutting-edge way to enhance your eyes: semi permanent eyelash extensions. Carrying several different lash varieties, we are sure to satisfy any girl’s lash envy.

Individual lashes are professionally applied with a special medical grade adhesive to create longer, thicker, more beautiful lashes. No clumps or flares, our lashes are individually applied top of your own natural lash.


Our Eyelash Extensions

Instant Galm  £50

A basic set to enhance your lashes. The application takes up to 1 hr.

Standard 3D Lashes  £75

Our most popular eyelash extension service. Your lashes will be thicker, longer and more beautiful. Gives you a natural look that last for 4-6 weeks. The application takes up to 2 hrs.

Dramatic for Addicts / Russian Lashes  £95

The application takes up to 3 hrs. Gives you a dramatic glamourous look. We also offer Russian Lashes at £95 a set.


Eyelash Maintenance Services

Eyelash Standard Foundation Refill  –  1hr,  £42

We recommend scheduling your refills every two to three weeks.

Eyelash Express Infill (Lash Touch) – 30mins,  £28

For those who need a quick treatment, or those who have kept their lashes in very good conditions and don’t really need a full infill. We recommend scheduling your express infills every one to two weeks.

Lash Removal    £30

If you want to remove your eyelash extensions, we highly recommend you to come into the salon and get them professionally removed by one of our therapists. Specialised lash removal products will be used and individual eyelash extensions will be carefully removed to protect your natural lashes.


Take Care Of Your Lashes At Home

Home Care products are recommended to prolong the life of your lashes. Ask your therapist for details.