How To Choose Your Skincare – Professional Advice

Choosing skin care can be an overwhelming task. At WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic, we encourages clients to seek professional advice from our staff in order to guide you in the right direction.

Our Skin Care Philosophy

Our aim is to stay at the forefront of this rapidly changing field of medical beauty, helping you to look and feel better about yourself and repair and prevent the damage that today’s hectic lifestyles can have on your skin.

We believe in looking after every aspect of your skin in order to achieve maximum results from your treatments. From initial consultation to home care products, we pride ourselves to be able to provide you with a holistic and personal approach.

1. Know Your Skin (FREE Skin Consultation)

Knowing your skin type it is the first step toward a healthy skin. When the skin is treated well – when good habits of care, protection, and prevention are ingrained – this results in healthy and beautiful skin, which is what we called “Balanced Skin”

2. Balance Your Skin (Pre-Conditioning)

An effective skincare regimen is essential to balance the skin, and it shows result almost immediately – Normal skin feels healthier, dry skin gains improved hydration and texture, oily skin producess less oil and combination skin evens out in response to the conditions around it.

Balanced skin reflects its full beauty and responds optimally to professional treatments and home care.

3. Salon Professional Treatments

At WPR we offer a wide range of advanced non invasive treatments for men and women. WPR has gained a reputation in providing you with all the latest and most up to date skin care treatments and products to accommodate all skin types.

By combining our wealth of experience and know how, we are able to provide each client that comes through our doors with a bespoke personlised service that is designed and tailored to fit their individual needs.

Current law limits over the counter products to act only on the surface (dead layer) of the skin. However some of the ranges that WPR promote are an active cosmetic that penetrate into the critical living part of the skin, the dermis. This enables the therapist to correct skin conditions and the client see positive results in their skin.

4. Home Care Products

To bring the skin to its optimal condition, professionally recommended products in a home care regime is essential to work alongside our professional salon treatment. With an appropriately designed clinical skincare line, clients will achieve improvement in skin health and appearance through progressive, professional treatments and home care products.

5. Lifestyle Advice

‘Healthy is as healthy does’ sums up the relationship between how people treat their bodies, and the resulting health impacts. The same is true with the skins – skin responds to its environment and the care it receives internally and externally! We strive to provide you with all the aspects of health and beauty with positive results under one roof.


At WPR, we divide our advanced skincare treatments into 3 stages depending on the aggressiveness of the procedure and the downtime you would experience. Within each stage, we will utilise a combination of non-surgical technologies to achieve optimum results.


WPR’S exclusive Prescriptive Facial Programmes include:

  1. Express Facial
  2. Personalised Facial
  3. CFT Facial
  4. Stage 1 Facial
  5. Stage 2 Facial
  6. Stage 3 Facial


At WPR, we offer an initial consultation for £25. This is deductible on treatments and refundable if you choose not to go ahead with the treatments. One of our highly qualified therapists will assess your skin, answer any questions you may have and work with you to come up with a treatment programme suitable to your needs. To book your consultation, please call 01277 633907.