When we age, our facial structure changes. The skin start to lose its elasiticity and collagen. As a result, it becomes slack and loose. The skin will also become thin and lack moisture. Wrinkles, lines and folds start to appear initially because of our facial expressions.

At WPR, we specialise in the latest non-surgical anti-ageing procedures that will turn back the clock!

We Treat The Skin – Non Surgical

We firmly believe utilising our body’s natural healing process to rejuvenate the skin. We focus on your overall skin health: to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in order to achieve a fresh, plump and younger looking skin.

When working with you, we have a long term goal in mind rather than a quick fix. We also understand that everyone is different. Therefore, our anti-ageing programmes are completely bespoke to suit your individual needs. We aim to provide you with natural looking results that rejuvenate the whole face.

Before & After

WPR Anti-Ageing Programme

3 Stages Aesthetic Skincare Programme

At WPR, we divide our age management programmes into 3 stages based on the aggressiveness of the treatment and the downtime you would experience. With different treatment focus and techniques at each stage, we offer you a complete personalised skincare programme that suits your time, budget and specific skin concerns.

  • Stage 1: Prevent
  • Stage 2: Control
  • Stage 3: Cure


  • Single Treatment: £125
  • Course of treatments: £1,250

This is the entry level of our advanced non-surgical skin programme that addresses your individual skin conditions: whether it’s anti-ageing, pigmentation, rosacea, acne or acne scarring. The aggressiveness of the treatments are relatively low.

Main treatment technologies in this stage include: Diamond Microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, Basic Levels of Skin Peel. Other technologies such as No-needle Mesotherapy, Oxygen Therapies, CACI may also be used depends on individual conditions.


  • Single Treatment: £225
  • Course of treatments: £2,250

This is the medium level of our non-surgical skincare programme. Taking one step further than Stage 1, this level of programme aims to control the damage of the skin which has already started to happen. More aggressive methods are used and you may experice some downtime.

In addition to all the technologies that we use in Stage 1, more advanced treatments such as Radio Frequency, Skin Microneedling and deeper level Skin Peels will be utilised in this stage.


  • Single Treatment: £325
  • Course of  treatments: £3,250

This is our most advanced non-surgical skincare programme with the highest level of aggressiveness. It provides a curative approach to address visible signs of ageing, or severe Pigmentation, Rosacea, Acne and Acne Scarring. Within this stage, we focus on working with the deepest level of the skin to regenerate the collagen and elastin production so that the skin can repair and regenerate itself.  We aim to restore your skin texture, even skin tones, give more volume to wrinkles and to help you achieve a fresher, brighter and younger looking skin.

All the technologies in the Stage 1 and 2 will be available here. Aesthetic skin peels and laser skin rejuvenation may also be utilised. We will use layering technology so that you will get the most out of each visit to the clinic.

Anti-Ageing Programme Targeting Specific Areas of Concerns

All our programmes can be used to focus on specific areas of concern. Layering a combination of non-surgical methods, we can bespoke a programme that achieve amazing results on your areas of concern:

• Eyes: Targets lines and wrinkles around the eye area for a lifting and skin tightening result.
• Neck: Rejuvenate tired and weather-worn skin. Recover from sun damage, lift sagging skin and create a more youthful look.
• Chest: Restores and replenishes the appearance of wrinkled and sun damaged skin on the chest.
• Hands: Hand rejuvenation through reduction of age spots, improvement of skin elasticity and reduction of wrinkles

Our Anti-Ageing Programmes Results: Eyes, Chest, Neck Rejuvenation

Non-surgical Anti-ageing Eye Programme Before & After
Non-surgical Anti-ageing Chest Rejuvenation
Non-surgical Anti-ageing Neck Rejuvenation


At WPR, we offer an initial consultation at £25, deductible on treatments. If you wish not to go ahead with the treatments. One of our highly qualified therapists will access your skin, answer any questions you may have and work with you to come up with a treatment programme suitable to your needs. To book your consultation, please call 01277 633907 or complete the form below.

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