At WPR, we specialised in latest non-surgical anti-ageing procedures that will turn back the clock!

When we age, our facial structure changes. The skin start to lose its elasiticity and collagen. As a result, it becomes slack and loose. The skin will also become thin and lack moisture. Wrinkles, lines and folds start to appear initially because of our facial expressions. But other factors also affect our skin as we age, such as sun exposure, diets, pollution, stress level and our lifestyle.


We Treat The Skin – Non Surgical

We firmly believe utilising our body’s natural healing process to rejuvenate the skin. We focus on your overall skin health: to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production in order to achieve a fresh, plump and younger looking skin.

When working with you, we have a long term goal in mind rather than a quick fix. We also understand that everyone is different. Therefore, our anti-ageing programmes are completely bespoke to suit your individual needs. We aim to provid you with natural looking results that rejuvenates the whole face.


Complete Solution To All Your Anti-Ageing Concerns

We have a wide range of the most advanced non-surgical skin care technologies in the clinic. Combined with our wealth of experience, we are able to provide you with a complete non-invasive alternative to Botox!

We believe in a layering technology. This means we will only choose the most effective treatment methods that best suit your needs, so that we can deliver an optimal results that will turn back the clock.


3 Stage Programme

At WPR, we divide our facial programmes into 3 stages based on the aggressiveness of the treatment and the downtime you would experience. With different treatment focus and techniques at each stage, we offer you a complete personalised skincare programme that suits your time, budget and specific skin concerns.

A course of anti-ageing programmes includes up to 12 treatments. Click here to find out more about our exclusive facial programmes.


Specific Areas of Concern

We can also address specific areas of concerns, such as the eye area, neck, chest and hands. Personalised programme can be put together to suit your needs:



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