Precision Brow – Take Your Eyebrows To The Hairdresser

At WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic, we provide customised eyebrow service called “Precision Brow”. I have done a number of demonstrations in-house and have finalised some before and after shots in order to showcase this new and very exciting treatment.

It is a complete eyebrow service which incorporates waxing, tweezing, trimming and tinting to create highly defined eyebrows.  The shape and colour are personalized according to each individual client.

The service gets its name in order to show its accuracy in terms of definition.  The shape and colour are paramount in creating eyebrows that compliment the client’s facial features.

By waxing, tweezing and trimming the brow I have given the client a significant lifting effect. A specially selected tint has been applied to give the already dark eyebrow more lustre.


It consists of several Stages: Enhancing, Shaping and Grooming. Initially a consultation is carried out to review the eyebrow and dicuss the shape, the brows are then roughly shaped in order to give a base to beable to then build and create a perfectly enhanced eyebrow using the other additonal stages. This is done by incorporating various hair removing techniques such as waxing, tweezing, tinting  and trimming. The purpose is to define the eyes and create stronger definition.

1. Enhancing Stage
Tinting – useing specially formulated tints the brows are coloured to enhance the shape and give them shine.  Like all artificial colour, it will fade over time.  No need to worry though as you can repeat the tinting process on its own in between your Precision Brow appointments, and this only takes minutes to do!
2. Shaping Stage

Waxing is carried out – to remove larger areas of hair and fine vellus hair, so that a crisp clean result to the brow can be achieved
Tweezing – this is done to remove individual hairs and fine tune the shape of brow.
Trimming – using eyebrow grooming brushes the brows are styled and excessive hairs are trimmed to create the perfect shape.

3: Grooming Stage 
To finalize, Aloe Vera Gel is applied to the brow area to help calm the skin after waxing. A specially designed brow wax and powder from the Youngblood Brow Artiste is then brushed through the brows to separate the hair, perfect shape and give a gloss like finish.
After this final stage, I will usually apply Youngblood Mineral Rice Setting Powders around the eyebrow to cover the redness of the skin as a result of the waxing so that when the client walks out of my salon no one will ever know! – they will just look perfect .