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Emalene’s: Bring the Professional Therapist to Your Home

The government announcement last Friday brought about lots of sadness and frustration for the beauty industry once again.

WPR will once again be restricted by the services we can offer to our clients. We have made the decision to remain open where we can, however operations and our treatments offerings will be heavily restricted at this time.

You can access out online booking system if you have any difficulties booking please call us or email at: bookings@wprbeautyspaandcosmetic.co.uk

However, we are not going to let this stop us from caring for your skin. Since the lockdown began, we have been looking into alternative ways to move forward. And now we are excited to let you know that you can now get access to a BRAND NEW online platform that brings professional therapist to your home.

Message from Emalene, Our Founder

To all our amazing clients

I am so ecstatic to be sharing this with you. It has taken what seems like an eternity, hours and hours of work, a tone of sleepless nights and several days of complete and utter melt down, but it’s finally here.

I am very excited to be able to offer the first phase of this concept, firstly to all our WPR customers. In the future we have plans to launch a second and third phase to its service offerings, but for now I can’t wait for you to start enjoying the service and to get your feedback on Phase 1.

How we continue in this time of uncertainty…

When WPR had to shut due to Covid 19, we all thought it would be a quick temporary measure and soon things would go back to normal. The beauty industry has always been resilient in the past, why would this be any different?

Unfortunately, it has been very different! The effects on my business and others within my industry are widespread and it will have a long-term impact on the way businesses are run and how consumers can access services moving forward.

The future of the beauty industry as we have known it, will no longer exist! And to survive it must change.

The biggest sadness for me when the Clinic had to shut was not seeing you our customers and my fantastic team.

My salon not only provided treatments, it was a place where clients came to feel good, chatter, off load and form personal relationships. How could we continue to provide this?

The Personal Touch!

Beauty Should Be Fun!

Beauty Should Be Fun!

Beauty should be fun; it is always great when you can sample a product. When your therapist provides you with a bespoke beauty regime, Just for YOU! when you want to keep up to date with the latest trends and advice and you know just the Therapist to answer your questions .

It is great when you can ask your Therapist about the latest beauty tip in the Daily Mail.
Or receive that snippet of information that confirms you are using the right product, because you love learning new stuff!

Over the last five years, beauty brands have invested heavily in e-commerce, but there is a huge lack of access to the advice and expertise customers should be getting to buy online easily and with confidence. In these current times it is now even more imperative that this service is provided.

Now moving forward this is going to be even more important and you should all be able to access information freely with expert advice, which unfortunately is massively lacking.

Emalene’s Love the Skin Your In: Bring the Professional Therapist to Your Home

So how can it be made possible to cut through this complexity and provide the ease of use, convenience, and personalised experiences that customers so clearly need and want?

That was where Emalene’s Love the Skin Your In evolved!
An online platform to bring the professional therapist to your home. With access to your very own virtual therapist.

I wanted customers to still be able to access information freely with expert advice and we have made it possible by providing you with, a convenient, personalised, trustworthy experience. That gives you access to the advice and expertise that you need to invest with confidence.

Our online platform will bring the Professional Therapist to your home, with access to your very own Virtual Therapist. You can discuss any of your Beauty concerns and receive the right advise and program to achieve results.

You Can Book Online TODAY!

AND access to Your Own Virtual Therapist for:

  • Online Skin Consultation
  • Customised Retail Plans
  • Tailored Home Treatment Programming
  • New Client Consultation

You can also enjoy:

  • Our Exclusive NEW professional home treatment programmes
  • Our Retail programming and drop ship service
  • Exclusive skin tutorials
  • VIP Members Area

Check us out at: www.EmalenesLoveTheSkinYourIn.com

To keep updated and find out more you can follow our face book page: Emalene’s Love the Skin Your In

Loves and Hugs Emalene

Emalene xx