Skincare Basics: Why We Cleanse and Why It Is Important To Us a pH Balanced Cleanser

30 May 2018

There are certain skincare basics that we have been talking to our clients quite often. Whether it’s in a skin consultation with a new client, or just a usual catch up with one of our lovely regular customers, we find that there are still misunderstandings and confusions with regards to this much-talked subject. Therefore, we decided to write a series of blogs about basic skincare.

Let’s start with the very basic: Cleanse.



Why We Cleanse?

The reason we cleanse is to remove the oil, dirt, dead cells and impurities that have accumulated on our skin during the day. It also gives the skin a fresh base so that the skin care products can penetrate and work on your skin.

What Happens To The Skin When We Cleanse?

Now, certain terms need to be understood before we start explaining this.

First, pH scale.  PH scale is used to measure how acid or alkaline something is.  PH 7 is neutral. Anything lower than 7 is acid while anything higher than 7 is alkaline. The lower the scale is, the more acid it is; and the higher the more alkaline.

Then, the skin. Our skin is slightly acid. It has a thin layer of oil and water on the surface called acid mantle. This gives skin the protection from harsh environmental elements and prevents bacterias and viruses from entering into the skin.

Now, the more cleanser is like a soap or facial wipe, the higher the Ph. When you cleanse with these strong products, it will strip the acid mantle. The skin is left without the protective layer. As a result, this will unbalance the skin, and can lead to the following skin conditions:

If your skin feels very tight after cleansing, most likely it is due to hash facial cleanser has stripped away the acid mantle of your skin.

Another problem you have with these harsh cleansers is that it will also not emulsify makeup and remove effectively. Therefore, leaving skin blockages. If you need to test a product like this with a toner, you can always guarantee that makeup will still be on the skin.

What To Look For When Choosing A Facial Cleanser

First, it needs to be pH balanced.

PH balanced facial cleansers usually have ingredients in the products to keep the skin balanced. It is gentle to the skin and will not cause the skin conditions we’ve mentioned above.

There is a myth here: do you need a toner after cleansing your face? Our answer is: Not with a decent pH balanced facial cleanser.

The reason some products include a toner within the cleansing routine is simply because the cleanser is too harsh. The toner after is to help rebalance the skin’s pH level.

Second, it needs to emulsify makeup effectively.

Makeup remover can only remove makeup to a certain degree. You need something that can gently but effectively remove makeup on your skin without upsetting the skin’s pH level. This will make sure that the aim of cleansing is achieved while the skin’s acid mantle is protected.

In the next blog, we explain in detail about cosmeceutical and pharmaceutical grade skincare products. What are they and what are the differences.

Products We Use at WPR Beauty

At WPR Beauty, we use Image Skincare. It is a skincare range that utilises the most scientifically advanced formulas in today’s marketplace to create pharmaceutical grade skincare products. These products give licensed physicians and aestheticians the ability to offer professional treatments and products which yield unparalleled results.

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