Skincare Q&A: Is It Possible to Improve Skin With What You Eat?

6 June 2018

Probably because healthy living and wellbeing become such a trend these days, we get quite a few clients ask us if it is possible to improve skin with the food you eat. So we decide to write a blog explaining our views on this.








First of all, we need to know how our body distributes the nutrition we eat.

The skin is the largest organ in the body, but sadly the body doesn’t pay it much attention. If you were the healthiest person on the planet, ate all the right food, lived a clean lifestyle and consumed your required daily quota in water, your body would still only give your skin about 5% of this nutritional value.

Then, we need to look at how our lifestyle really is these days.

Unfortunately, the reality is none of us live like this. It is simply because today’s modern living doesn’t allow it. We all live under pressure and stress. And generally, most people’s diet is about convenience. The effect of smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and sugar consumption will just counter-effect the limited benefits your skin get from occasional healthy eating.

Then, external factors such as pollutions and ozone (explained in our blog about SPF and UV Rays ) are out of our control. And even if we ate organically, our food today is too played around with and exposed to chemicals. As a result, their nutritional value is much less than what they used to have.

What would be the quickest and most effective way to improve skin?

The answer is: apply high quality skin products topically! This is your daily skincare routine in the morning and evening, these including:

We recommend Pharmaceutical graded products, as they work in the deeper layer of the skin and provide the skin cells with what they need to improve skin function. It’s like feeding your body with good nutrition! (Read more about the difference between cosmeceutical products and phamaceutical products in our previous blog here.)


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