Surgical Procedures VS Non-Surgical For The Younger Women

Reports show that women are getting more and more anxious about ageing. The average woman reckons she has spotted her first wrinkle by 29. A poll of 2000 women by a UK-based skincare company showed top concerns of females at this age to be: facial hair, wrinkled cleavage, double chins, thinning lips and their bottoms ‘heading south’.

Women are becoming increasingly inclined to take evasive measures to seek quick-fix solutions.

However, here is the concerning factor:

Spurred on by the PIP breast implant scandal in 2011, Sir Keogh and a panel of industry professionals have created a 68-page document in which they have pulled the industry apart in order to rectify, regulate and reconstruct its existing flaws.

With quotes such as: “It is our view that dermal fillers are a crisis waiting to happen” in the report, it is easy to think the cosmetic industry is heading for trouble.

Well, in many ways, it is. It is in trouble because there isn’t always adequate protection or support for the patient and there is a host of unregulated, illegal products being used by people who are simply not qualified to administer it. This then often falls into the laps of the NHS, who are left to pick up the pieces. The Keogh report proclaims that a person having a non-surgical cosmetic intervention has no more protection and redress than someone buying a ballpoint pen or a toothbrush.

So this is my advice:

Don’t make sudden choices

If you are anxious about ageing you should get clued up on surgical and non-surgical measures and all the available options to deal with your aims and concerns. There are many avenues you can explore including natural, dietary and non-surgical procedures which are a lower-risk solution.

Younger consumers, especially, need to know the pros and cons of surgical measures. I have seen people in their late 20′s with concerns about early age lines. However, there are many pros and cons and the fact that there will be an ongoing need which will require dedication and a lot of expense.

Preventative Botox is a bit of a myth and can mislead young people because if you stop having Botox wrinkles will eventually reappear. The other factor to consider here is what do you do when you get to your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, there is no other alternative other than surgery.

What the practitioners also fail to tell you is that you can develop an immunity to Botox over long term use. Even more concerning it can accelerate the ageing process when used over long periods of time due to the muscle wasting effects that it has when paralysing the muscle.

The benefits of non-invasive procedures are that they can indeed prevent or significantly delay the need for injectables or surgery by keeping the face well rejuvenated. There are lower risks, lower pain, and lower down-time with such treatments. So, if you are considering treatment look at all the options available and seek guidance.

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