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Do You Want Brows Like These?

HD Brow, Power Brow, Scouse Brow… We have all heard the terms and seen many figures in the public eye supporting and wearing such a style. The question is: Do you want brows like these?

How many of us have honestly cringed when the first thing you see coming around the corner is a pair of eyebrows. Many Permanent Cosmetic practitioners are now supporting and offering this look. However, my advice, before making any decisions to go permanent you need to remember this:

1. It’s a fashion trend

Trends come and go especially the styles of eyebrows. We were obsessed with plucking and waxing in the 90’s and preferred a more natural look in the 00’s. Now big and bold becomes the biggest hit!

If you are going to enhance your eyebrows in such a style the brows will be blocked and this will be permanent. What will you do in the future when this is not trendy anymore?

2. Your facial features will change with age

Eyebrows are important. They frame the eyes and your facial features. However, they should not be the only thing that stands out from your face. Eyebrows need to have the right shape and colour to match your individual features. They will then bring the balance to the face and compliment your overall look.

What you need is a pair of naturally enhanced eyebrows with the most delicate hair like strokes to shape and define your eyebrows. The colour needs to compliment your natural skin tone and hair colour.

3. Due to the depth of colour to create such a dramatic look the colour will change and must be expected.

What will happen then? I can just imagine how many people will be looking for correctional treatments to fix the block of dark colour that they have had tattooed in for the eyebrows.

So, if you don’t want eyebrows like these come and see me! I offer a no fee, no obligation consultation. Simply call 01277 633907 or email me here to book yours.