Maternity Treatments


Our treatments are designed to relax, comfort and nourish whilst being totally safe and effective, and remember the calmer and more relaxed you are the happier and more relaxed your baby will be.

Choose From: 

  • Specialist Maternity Therapy Pre-Birth Essential (1hr 30mins)
  • Specialist Maternity Therapy Post-Birth Restoration (1hr 30mins)
  • Spa Package (Pre) Great Expectation (4hr 45mins)
  • Spa Package (Post) Special Delivery Indulgence (3hrs 30mins)
  • Maternity Facial(1hr)
  • Orange Glow Foot Therapy (1hr)
  • Orange Glow Hand Therapy (1hr)


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 Specialist Maternity Therapy Pre-Birth Essential 

A ritual therapy designed exclusively for the expectant Mother. This luxurious treatment will help relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, physical stress and fluid retention.

Specialist Maternity Therapy Post Birth Restoration 

Starting with the face and finishing at the toes, your entire body is cleansed and exfoliated focusing on any dry skin and stretch marks which have come from the pregnancy.

Spa Package (Pre-Birth) Great Expectations 

  • Pre Birth Essential
  • Glow Again Body Wrap
  • Orange Glow Foot Therapy

Spa Package (Post Birth) Special Delivery Indulgence 

  • Post Birth Restoration
  • Thai Herbal Healer
  • Replenisher Scalp & Hair Treatment

Maternity Facial

Delivers advanced anti-ageing results combined with acupressure massage techniques to further the lifting and firming results of the treatment.

Orange Glow Foot Therapy 

An exotic treatment inspired by ancient Thai remedies. The feet are exfoliated, circulation stimulated, senses invigorated, tension eased and the skin left pleasantly perfumed.

Orange Glow Hand Therapy 

A sensual hand treatment infused with Orange Oil to nourish the hand and cuticle area whilst Ginger aids circulation. Particularly good treatment if you are suffering with fluid on the hands in later pregnancy.

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Maternity Facial, Orange Glow Foot Therapy, Orange Glow Hand Therapy, Spa Package (Post): Special Delivery Indulgence, Spa Package (Pre): Great Expectation, Specialist Maternity Therapy Post-Birth Restoration, Specialist Maternity Therapy Pre-Birth Essential