Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift

Brazilian Bum Lift, the latest innovative non-invasive body treatment has arrived at WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic, award-winning beauty salon and aesthetic clinic based in Billericay, Essex.

Our Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift treatments utilises a combination of the most advanced non-invasive body technologies on the market today to safely and effectively enhance your rear appeal. This treatment can:

  • Sculp the curves of your bum
  • Tone the derriere
  • Treat cellulite and fatty deposits
  • Lift loose, sagging skin
  • Improve buttock shape

Advantages of Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift

This is a completely non-surgical procedure with no downtime and is more cost effective than a surgical  procedure.

We use a combination of Infrared and Radio Frequency energies to melt the fat pockets that cause dimpled and lumpy skin. With the combination of RF vacuum roller, the treatment will reposition the fat to create a more appealing buttock contour.

Non-Surgical Brazilian Bum Lift Treatment Information

The procedure is completely painless. The skin may be red immediately after treatment but this usually subsides within a few hours.

Each treatment takes about 60mins. A course of treatment is usually needed to achieve optimum results. Real differences may be seen in as few as 1-3 sessions depends on individual cases. Top up sessions are required to maintain your results.

Request A Consultation

If you are interested in Non-surgical Brazilian Bum Lift at WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic, please request a Consultation. One of our highly experienced therapists will assess your suitability for treatment, answer any questions you may have and work with you to come up with a treatment programme that suit your requirements.

Please call 01277 633907 to book a Consultation.

See Non-Surgial Brazilian Bum Lift in Action!

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