Manicure & Pedicure

From mini manicures and pedicures to our renowned WPR Signatory Pedicure, discover the finest hand and foot treatments.

Manicure Services at WPR Beauty

Classic Manicure:

The hands are exfoliated, cuticles trimmed, nails reshaped and the arms massaged before finally finishing with a application of polish. Professional nail care products will help strengthen and rebuild your nails. Formulas are prescribed for each individual client and advice is given to help maintain the nails at home, enabling them to grow healthy and strong.

Mini Manicure:

A basic treatment that will leave your nails looking neat and well groomed. The treatment is finished with an application of polish.

File and Polish For Hands:

An express treatment to tidy up tired looking nails. Professionally painted polish will glam your fingertips for a short time.

French Polish:

With a small additional charge, this can be added to any of the treatments above.

Pedicure Services At WPR Beauty

WPR Advanced Signature Pedicure: 

Incorporating a therapeutic foot spa to relax and soften hard skin. The feet are exfoliated, cuticles trimmed, nails cut and filed to suit your requirements. Special care and attention is spent concentrating on the removal of hard skin using specialist Herbal Thai products, leaving hard cracked heals soft and smooth. The legs and feet are then massaged using lymphatic drainage techniques. The treatment is completed with an application of polish.

Luxury Pedicure:

For all clients wanting a VIP experience, we are able to offer our Signature Pedicure in our exclusive new private treatment rooms.

Mini Pedicure (30mins):

A basic treatment ideal for toenail maintenance. Your feet will be soaked, nails shaped and the treatment is completed with an application of polish.

File and Polish for Feet:

A quick tidy and re-polish to keep toes looking neat and perfect for a short time.

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