Hands & Feet (Maternity)

The maternity hands and feet treatments we provide at WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetics are inspired by ancient Thai rituals and Asia's botanical heritage. They are very different from a classic European therapy.

They are aromatic treatment designed to nurture, relax, empty the mind and stimulate a sense of wellbeing. They are ritual applications not a classic manicure and pedicure.

Orange Glow Foot Therapy (1hr 15mins) 

An exotic treatment inspired by ancient Thai remedies. The feet are exfoliated, circulation stimulated, senses invigorated, tension eased and the skin left pleasantly perfumed.

Orange Glow Hand Therapy (1hr 15mins) 

A sensual hand treatment infused with Orange Oil to nourish the hand and cuticle area whilst Ginger aids circulation. Particularly good treatment if you are suffering with fluid on the hands in later pregnancy.

To book one of our maternity hands and feet treatments or to find out more, please call us on 01277 633907.

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