men's manicure

Hands & Feet For Men

Hands and feet treatments for men at WPR Beauty include Men's Manicure, Men's Pedicure and Herbal Hand & Feet treatments. 

Men’s Manicure (45mins) 

With the use of Glycolic and Vitamin A the hands are deeply exfoliated, cuticles trimmed, nails reshaped and the arms massaged.

Men’s Pedicure (1hr) 

Incorporating a therapeutic foot spa to relax and soften hard skin. The feet are exfoliated, cuticles trimmed, nails cut and filed to suit your requirements, and legs and feet massaged using pressure point technique.

Herbal Hand Treatment (1hr 15mins) 

An aromatic therapy using Asia’s botanical heritage to groom and relax.

Herbal Foot Therapy (1hr 15mins) 

An Exotic treatment inspired by ancient Thai herbal Remedies, the feet are exfoliated and circulation stimulated. Using traditional Thai massage techniques muscles and tension is eased.

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