Maternity Spa Therapies

Our specialist maternity spa therapies are perfect to indulge pre or post pregnancy mums.  Our treatments are designed to relax, comfort and nourish whilst being totally safe and effective.


Any expectant or new mother is certainly in need of some time out to indulge and pamper. During pregnancy your body is continually adjusting and sometimes needs a little help along the way. We have developed some specialised treatments that are designed to relax, comfort and nourish whilst being totally safe and effective, and remember the calmer and more relaxed you are the happier and more relaxed your baby will be.

Pre-Birth Essential (1hr 30mins): 

A ritual therapy designed exclusively for the expectant Mother. This luxurious treatment will help relieve the common effects of pregnancy such as dry skin, physical stress and fluid retention. With the use of Asian Botanical heritage, and unique massage techniques; aching sides and back are alleviated and swollen tired legs are soothed. The whole body is left feeling lighter, smoother and the stiffness that comes with the heaviness of pregnancy relieved. A regular treatment can help fatigue and circulation and the skin will be kept supple and soft therefore preventing stretch marks.

You will have a feeling of renewed energy and a feel-good factor, inside and out. Good for you, good for Baby.

Post Birth Restoration (1hr 30mins): 

Starting with the face and finishing at the toes, your entire body is cleansed and exfoliated focusing on any dry skin and stretch marks which have come from the pregnancy. Your entire body will be cocooned whilst active products are applied to the body to help improve skin clarity and firmness. A face and scalp massage is performed to enhance relaxation and to balance the mind and body. The holistic benefits will bring you a deep sense of total wellbeing.


Great Expectations (4hrs): 

• Pre Birth Essential

• Glow Again Body Wrap
An invigorating botanical wrap treatment to lift the senses and leave the skin cleansed, toned and glowing.

• Orange Glow Foot Therapy
An exotic treatment inspired by ancient Thai remedies. The feet are exfoliated, circulation stimulated, senses invigorated, tension eased and the skin left pleasantly perfumed.

Special Delivery Indulgence (3hrs 45mins):

• Post Birth Restoration

• Thai Herbal Healer
A traditional Thai herbal therapy that has been practised over centuries to soothe muscle tension and stiffness. This healing session begins with the application of a warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices; a full body massage is then carried out using blended aromatic oils.

• Replenisher Scalp & Hair Treatment
An exotic treatment, steeped in history and tradition that stimulates the scalp whilst strengthening the hair. Yours senses will be an awakened and the body relaxed.

Yummy Mummy EYELASH Package: 

Includes a Standard set of 3D Lashes, first refill and Precision Brow for your eyebrow’s to finish your new look!

Refreshments will be provided.

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