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Nail Enhancements

At WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic we have various systems that add length and strength to your nails. Depends on your individual nail conditions, a specific system will be chosen for you.

Liquid & Powder Nail Enhancements at WPR Beauty

A unique system that adds length and strength to your nails with the use of liquid and powder. Your nails can look instantly stunning. This liquid and powder system is strong, flexible and kind to the natural nail. It is the only system that will absorb shock and its molecular structure allow natural products like Solar Oil to penetrate to keep the natural nail in beautiful condition. Therefore making it great for long-term use.

Extensions can be applied to add length to your natural nail, or nails can be wrapped with the liquid and powder. The overlays provide protection for your nails and add strength and durability. It is also brilliant for mending split natural nails. The powders come in an array of tints enabling a permanent French white tip to be created or a natural manicured finish.

Nail Enhancement Servcies

  • Full Set Extension
  • Overlays On Natural Nail
  • Overlays For Feet (includes a mini pedicure)

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