Traditional Thai Spa Therapies

These are very unique treatments that are inspired by ancient Thai rituals and remedies.

Experience traditional Thai spa therapies at WPR Beauty Spa Cosmetic! These are very unique treatments that are inspired by ancient Thai rituals and remedies. The products we used are hand picked from Thailand and they are herbal based.

Herbal Hand Therapy (1hr 15mins) 

This luxurious treatment will rejuvenate and condition the hands. A Detox Clay mask is applied which contains Plai Oils to relax and Kaolin to draw out toxins and impurities. The sweet scented massage oil of Cinnamon, Camphor and Black Pepper is infused to ensure skin circulation and hydration.

Herbal Foot Therapy (1hr 15mins) 

This unique treatment rich in minerals and herbs deep cleanses the skin while effectively dispelling impurities. The ritual application of herbal detox clay will leave your entire legs feeling fabulously firm and renewed. Whilst specially blended massage oils aid blood circulation, restore balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin.

Oriental Scalp Massage (45mins) 

A traditional Thai treatment that uses oils and pressure point techniques. The massage treatment is used to relax and revitalise the body. Excellent for insomnia, chronic headache, migraine and sinusitis.

Oriental Foot Massage (45mins) 

A very old therapy that links the reflex zones on the feet to specific parts of the body. Relief from pain, illness and stress comes by putting pressure on the appropriate reflex zones of the feet.

Thai Herbal Healer

A traditional Thai herbal therapy that has been practised to soothe muscle tension and stiffness. This healing session begins with the application of warm Thai herbal poultice, which contains a variety of therapeutic Thai herbs and spices; a full body massage is then carried out using blended aromatic oils. Available treatment time:

1hr 30mins 

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