Body Scrub & Body Wrap

Both body scrub & body wrap treatments are very popular at WPR Beauty.

The herbal based products we use in these treatments are inspired by the ancient Thai rituals. The healing properties of exotic herbs and natural remedies will leave your skin refreshed and glowing and your mind nurtured.

Exotic Body Scrub (1hr) 

This body scrub treatment inspired by ancient Thai rituals bestow a healing and pleasant effect. A journey of total relaxation is experienced combined with an exfoliating, hydrating and refreshing action to restores suppleness and hydration to the skin. It will

  • Gentle exfoliation and nourishing the skin
  • Soften and soothe the body
  • Restore vitality
  • Let your stresses melt away

Botanical Body Wrap (1hr 15mins) 

This unforgettable unique treatment allow you to venture to the highest point of relaxation. The holistic benefits will allow you to reach a deep sense of physical and mental relaxation while a feeling of warmth and total well-being is stimulated. Benefits include:

  • Deep detoxifying your body
  • Improves skin clarity and firmness
  • Leave your skin cleansed, toned and glowing

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