PDO Threads Lifting – Sandra’s Story

20 January 2016

Before we hear about Sandra’s experience, please view her transformation below.





Sandra’s Story

“I was very excited about having my threads done on my face and chin once I had a consultation with Amanda.

The procedure went very will did not find it painful and Amanda was very careful with me as she knew I was very nervous. Amanda explained the aftercare with me and handed me a aftercare leaflet. I read and understood it and did not have any worries.”

“I only had a little discomfort on the first night but took paracetamol and slept well. Started to use Dermaquest products the next day which Ema had recommended.


All my family notice straight away what a difference my face looked and so did I. I just had to keep looking in the mirror as I just could not believe how amazing my face looked. Day by day the better I looked. I had a little bruising on one side of my face but that is normal for me as I do bruise easy.”

“Week by week my skin got smoother and smoother. My skin is so smooth. I am so pleased I have had it done.

Customers come in the salon and say to me how good I look. I looked at a photo of me in August 2015 and I look so much younger now.”

“I would like to thank Amanda and Ema for an amazing experience and their expertise for giving me lovely smooth skin and years younger.

My husband thanks you too. Every day he says how good a look.”

Sandra Xx


What Do You Think?

We always believe in using body’s natural healing system to combat ageing. Seeing Sandra’s story and many other successful cases in the past few months, we are truly excited about this non-surgical procedure. If you want to find more about PDO Threads Lifting, please click here to visit our website.

Or if you think this amazing treatment can help you, please feel free to call us on 01277633907 to book a FREE CONSULTATION!